About VITA International

The Valley International Trade Association was founded in 1979 by a group of dedicated Valley business professionals and educators responding to the need for a local association focusing on issues in international trade.

Since its inception, VITA has been the only resource, referral and educational association for international business in the Greater San Fernando Valley. A nonprofit, membership-supported trade association, VITA presents luncheons, seminars, and workshops addressing issues in international trade. These events offer valuable up-to-date information on the global marketplace and networking opportunities for VITA members.

Members and Partners
VITA membership includes executives, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, entrepreneurs, bankers, freight forwarders, U.S. government officials, faculty members from local colleges and universities, and other trade professionals.

2008 Board of Directors

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Our mission is to promote the Greater San Fernando Valley as a leader in international trade by providing our members valuable resources, informational programs, referral assistance and networking opportunities.
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VitaInternational.org is a production of the Valley International Trade Association, the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley and Hunter Communications.